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Active Shooter

Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Active shooter situations threaten communities across the United States. These vulnerable areas must prioritize planning to minimize casualties and expeditiously protect residents when attacks occur.

Integrated Solutions Consulting develops customized active shooter preparation and response plans based on decades partnering with at-risk organizations. By getting emergency protocols and facilities preparedness assessments in place before disaster strikes, we empower communities to swiftly yet effectively respond amidst active shooter emergencies.

Our integrated solutions support lockdown drills, emergency notification systems, coordinating with law enforcement, providing trauma counseling, conducting threat assessments, establishing survivor resources, and more so organizations can keep people as safe as possible. With seasoned security consultants supporting preparation and emergency goals, ISC assists high-risk regions to optimally face active shooter threats. Partner with our experts in active shooter preparation to plan for and respond to these emergencies with greater confidence.

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    Can Our Community Effectively Respond to an Active Shooter?

    Active shooter incidents can occur anywhere, but communities across the United States are especially vulnerable to these violent attacks. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, active shootings are increasing in frequency, with hundreds of casualties each year in the US. Major events like the 2022 school shooting in Uvalde, Texas highlight the existential threats facing public spaces during these emergencies. As our nation grapples with rising gun violence, communities must prioritize active shooter preparation and response capacity.

    When active shootings trigger widespread injuries and death, overwhelm first responders, or endanger lives, impacted communities rely on specialized partners to augment emergency services and healing. Assistance may include establishing survivor counseling, providing trauma training for teachers, conducting threat assessments on concerning individuals, coordinating with law enforcement to enhance shooting response tactics, supporting victim compensation funds and hospital bills, identifying security gaps in schools and workplaces, and more.

    With active shooter events worsening across America, establishing robust contingency partners allows efficient mobilization as these security emergencies unfold. For communities prone to gun violence, having experts ready to assist can make the difference between barely coping and saving lives.

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    Contracting Made Easy – Emergency Contract Vehicles

    Following a declared state of emergency, the Federal Government allows local and state government to bypass their standard procurement policies and implement emergency procurement procedures. In times of emergency, understanding these unique contract vehicles can be essential in saving time, money, and resources.

    ISC has expertise working with these unique contract vehicles, which allow us to guide our clients on how to navigate the contracting process easily and expeditiously.

    Contracting with ISC is easy, and a number of pre-established contract vehicles can be utilized to facilitate the procurement process

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    The industry’s most powerful and intuitive comprehensive emergency program management and planning system.
    A complete platform of independent but integrated web-based tools designed to alleviate the burden on planning and preparedness professionals, OES means you can more effectively manage the comprehensive cycle of preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.