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Since the inception of ISC, we have been a company focused on providing our services while also practicing global diversity, inclusion, and sustainability efforts.

Diversity & Inclusion: It is the policy of ISC to hire, promote, compensate, and administer all employment and business practices without regard to race, color, sex, age, sexual preference, marital status, religion, national origin, medical condition or handicap unrelated to the ability to perform a job, or any other legally protected status. Harassment of employees or others, such as independent contractors, vendors, or customers, because they are members of any of the aforementioned protected groups is prohibited and will not be tolerated. In addition, sexual harassment or harassment on any of the grounds stated above is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. ISC will take the appropriate measure in response to any such incidents, which are reported or otherwise come to the attention of ISC. Every good faith effort will be taken by ISC to fulfill the objectives of this policy. ISC believes that every person has the right to work in an environment totally free of sexual harassment and ethnic, racial, discriminatory, or sex-orientated joking or epithets. Such conduct does not advance the purposes of ISC; it is also morally wrong and may subject ISC to being sued. Consequently, any employee or contractor who engages in this prohibited conduct will be subject to disciplinary action including termination.

Community Involvement: ISC offers scholarship incentives for those employees pursuing advanced degrees in Emergency Management. The principal members of ISC are involved in their local Rotary Clubs, and all employees are encouraged to be involved in their communities. For example, staff serve as scoutmasters for the Boy Scouts of America, support local churches, and are actively involved in youth programs. Also, ISC has routinely donated proceeds to disaster stricken areas, including the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

Compensation Structure: ISC offers competitive wages and provides full healthcare coverage and benefits (medical, vision, dental, and disability) to employees at no cost.

Sustainable Business Practices:

  • Telecommuting to reduce energy and fuel consumption. ISC has made telecommuting a standard practice, and has invested thousands of dollars to facilitate a productive virtual work environment – Date Implemented: 2005
  • Virtual technologies to reduce energy and fuel consumption – Date Implemented: 2005
  • Waste prevention. ISC has made a strong push to store materials digitally so as not to print and waste paper – Date Implemented: 2005
  • Recycling materials. ISC recycles and, when possible, uses recycled materials for plans and finished products – Date Implemented: 2005
  • Energy efficiency. Equipment purchased by ISC is vetted first for its energy efficiency ratings, and every effort is made by employees to conserve energy.