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Disaster Resource Center

Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) is a leading emergency management and disaster recovery company with over 15 years of experience assisting communities impacted by catastrophes.

ISC operates an extensive Disaster Resource Center dedicated to providing free aid and assistance to people affected by natural and human-caused disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, active shooters, blizzards, wildfires, and more.

Need Assistance?

    The ISC Disaster Resource Center maintains a large on-call team of expert first responders, engineers, project managers, damage assessors, crisis counselors, and community development specialists trained specifically in disaster response coordination. When tragedy strikes, ISC can mobilize within hours to send skilled personnel equipped with cutting-edge technological resources like high-bandwidth satellite communications equipment, 3D laser scanning and modeling gear for damage assessment, debris removal tools, mobile infrastructure repair technology, real-time mapping software, emergency planning systems, and more.

    The ISC team helps lead search and rescue efforts, provides expert analysis of infrastructure issues, assists with developing recovery timelines and rebuilding plans, offers grief and trauma counseling to affected residents, coordinates logistics and volunteer management, and helps advise community leaders on short and long-term priorities. With seasoned professionals equipped with world-class tools and resources, ISC’s Disaster Resource Center provides comprehensive, collaborative support so devastated communities have an experienced partner to help them find their footing and rebuild.











    The extensive disaster response services and skilled personnel available through ISC’s Disaster Resource Center demonstrate our deep commitment to assisting communities impacted by catastrophes. However, we recognized that more could be done to integrate technology into emergency management and disaster recovery in order to transform these efforts. Early in ISC’s history, we noticed a gap in the industry – disaster response too often relied on disconnected tools and protocols.

    We developed Integrated Solutions Technology (IST) to provide a unified technological approach that mirrors the entire emergency management cycle. IST knocks down the siloes that exist within our clients’ organizations to offer fully integrated solutions. From prediction and monitoring to incident response to long-term recovery planning, IST fuses hardware, software, data analytics and communication networks into a comprehensive program that significantly enhances emergency and disaster programs.

    By leveraging cutting edge technology like AI analysis of weather patterns, real-time infrastructure sensor feeds, 3D geospatial modeling, and emergency coordination software, IST enables a paradigm shift to enterprise, end to-end emergency management. The programmatic solutions delivered by IST translate to more efficient, productive, collaborative and effective crisis coordination for our clients. Just as the Disaster Resource Center provides immediate aid when tragedy strikes, IST ensures communities are supported long after by integrated technology.

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