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At ISC, we believe that alongside education, protecting students and staff is a main objective of any school or university. This focus is heightened by today’s active threat environments, where schools and universities are often the frontline for active threats, public health outbreaks, and natural disasters. Using our experience, we understand that how schools and universities prepare for crisis has a direct correlation to their ability to take steps to prevent unsafe incidents from occurring, effectively respond to crisis, and quickly recover and build resiliency for the future.

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Schools and Universities are Vulnerable

The importance of a school or university and the vitality it offers to a community cannot be overestimated. Schools provide a beacon of opportunity and serve as a key ingredient to resiliency and sustainable development. Research has taught us that second to family, school is the most important stabilizing force in the lives of young people and a community.

Schools and Universities’ Vulnerabilities

School Prevention Services:

  • Threat Assessments
  • School Condition Reports
  • Public Information Campaigns

Emergency Preparedness Services:

  • Comprehensive Emergency
  • Management Plans
  • Education and Information Outreach
  • Emergency Training
  • HSEEP-Compliant Exercise Design, Development & Execution
  • Hazard Specific
  • Disaster Operations
  • School Resiliency Planning

Response Services:

  • Crisis Communications Strategies
  • Reputational Risk Management Consulting Services

Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Damage Assessments
  • FEMA Disaster Assistance Programs
  • HUD Community Development Block Grant
  • Insurance Adjusting
  • Debris Management

Hazard Mitigation Services:

  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Section 404/406 Hazard Mitigation

ISC has Partnered with Schools Across the Nation

For nearly 20 years, ISC has been proud to support over 100+ schools and universities across the country in elevating their level of preparedness and their capacity and capability to respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazard types.

Major School & University Projects