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From day one, ISC was different from our competition. Unlike the efforts of internal teams that are limited in experience, scope or data, and unlike the efforts of check-the-box crisis planning that primarily focuses on insurance liability and asset recovery, ISC takes into account the nuances of a catastrophe: not just turning the lights back on, but how does the business shift supply chain, manage reputation, account for market and consumer shifts following the incident, and most importantly, harness the change momentum of the event as an opportunity for growth and success?

In this way, ISC represents a more valuable and innovative form of crisis planning and recovery management, futureproofing the client’s operations and increasing their adaptability quotient.

ISC’s core preparedness philosophy takes a holistic approach to crisis management, prevention, and recovery. We craft an interconnected strategy of planning, training, and crisis response to ensure a client’s needs are met in totality. Their approach addresses all conceivable hazards, incorporates ongoing lessons-learned from industry research and client AARs, and accounts for the latest industry standards and best practices.

Integral to ISC’s success is their team of over 500 disaster recovery specialists, each with extensive academic and practical experience in both their given field and the unique nature of crises. We recognize that our past and future success is directly attributed to hiring and continuously investing in outstanding people. We take great care in recruiting seasoned consultants that possess a consistent record of success and demonstrate a commitment to excellence. Our team is comprised of a complementary group of professionals whose skill sets are based on a mix of academic achievement and proven experience.

Our specialists range from insurance adjusters, to engineers, to accountants, to retired firefighters and nurses, which in conjunction with their consultants and trainers, provide an unmatched breadth of scope. Our expertise enables crises analysis across multiple axes – financial, operational, sociological, etc. – which simply isn’t offered by other consultants.

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Our expert industry knowledge allows us to efficiently deliver exceptional work products.This efficiency translates into competitive pricing and offers us the flexibility to work for clients at all levels of government, urban and rural communities, and both the public and private sectors.