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Power utilities are a critical lifeline for communities and crucial to our livelihood and economic prosperity. Delivering electricity is complex and relies on a functioning and resilient system of power generation, transmission, and distribution of energy. A disruption in the delivery of power can occur for a variety of reasons and the scale of this disruption will likely be a result of where in the generation and distribution process it occurred. Power utilities’ timely response to restore power will allow the community to return to normalcy and increase customer satisfaction after a disruption.

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Top Cause of Power Disruption

Comprehensive Emergency Management
Programs For Utilities

Emergency management programs for power utilities are about more than being able to rapidly respond to power outages. It is an ongoing process of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation that begins well before a disaster hits. Being able to quickly and safely restore power and recover after a disaster is directly correlated to developing a comprehensive but efficient preparedness program that adheres to regulatory requirements.

Our Expertise & Experience

ISC specializes in developing customized crisis and emergency plans, training, and exercises that adhere to regulatory requirements and are designed specifically to each utility owner and its critical business operations. Our preparedness expertise is supported by our experience providing critical services to utilities across the nation in responding to and recovering from major utility failure incidents and natural disasters.

Our utility engineers and emergency management specialists deliver decades of experience with utilities that generate power with diverse energy sources and technologies. Our expertise is unmatched.

Our Experts are Familiar with:

Fossil Fuel Power Generation

Nuclear Power Generation

Hydro Power Generation

Wind Power Generation

Solar Power Generation

Other Renewable Energy