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Tornados & Storms

Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery

As we look ahead to the next tornado season, communities across tornado-prone regions are reflecting on the devastating outbreaks of last year while vigilantly looking ahead to spring storm season.

The catastrophic tornadoes striking the South and Midwest in the past- impacting states from Mississippi to Iowa – made clear the overwhelming havoc these disasters can unleash on unprepared populations. Long roads to recovery still lie ahead for storm-ravaged communities struggling to rebuild. Yet other regions remain caught unaware. As our climate shifts, emergency planners warn tornado threats may only intensify. By taking action now to boost preparedness, response protocols, protective infrastructure, assistance funds, and streamlined recovery contracting, municipalities can greatly expand their capacity to weather outbreaks and bounce back when twisters strike.

Learning from the difficulties of the past, we must expand planning and resources devoted to tornado resilience, particularly in America’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Adequate preparation and equitable rebuilding assistance will allow communities to recover more rapidly when faced with major spring outbreaks. With us, communities can face these threats confidently.

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    Can Our Community Effectively Respond to a Damaging Tornado?

    With tornado alley facing another active season in 2024, advanced preparation is key, especially as climate change drives growth in severe weather events. When destructive outbreaks overwhelm local response capacities across wide geographies, communities increasingly rely on specialized firms like Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) for seasoned disaster management expertise.

    With over 20 years supporting tornado-impacted regions across dozens of counties and states, ISC offers integrated emergency response coordination, damage assessments, debris removal contracting, infrastructure rebuilding, critical utility continuity, federal public assistance consulting, vulnerable resident support services, and climate-adaptive mitigation planning to help strained municipalities effectively meet pressing response and long-term recovery goals.

    By partnering with ISC to customize resilient emergency plans and streamline recovery contracting now, communities gain capacity to swiftly initiate robust response and equitable rebuilding post-disaster … allowing more rapid bounce-back. Our recovery leaders help officials optimize use of public funds while prioritizing those most impacted. With ISC as your tornado readiness and recovery partner, supplement local efforts with our integrated solutions for stronger emergency response and accelerated community revitalization.

    Disaster Software Solutions

    Tornado Toolkits

    Resources to help you prepare, respond, and recover!

    Contracting Made Easy – Emergency Contract Vehicles

    Following a declared state of emergency, the Federal Government allows local and state government to bypass their standard procurement policies and implement emergency procurement procedures. In times of emergency, understanding these unique contract vehicles can be essential in saving time, money, and resources. ISC has expertise working with these unique contract vehicles, which allow us to guide our clients on how to navigate the contracting process easily and expeditiously.

    Contracting with ISC is easy, and a number of pre-established contract vehicles can be utilized to facilitate the procurement process

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