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Tornado – Preparedness, Response, Recovery, & Mitigation

Every year, communities in the United States, especially the Midwest, prepare for severe storms and tornado outbreaks in the spring. 2023 has been an indication of the massive impact tornados can have on a community, with storms causing devastating damage in Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, and other states across the South and Midwest. Unfortunately, many communities are still caught unaware and left scrambling to manage their recovery and help citizens safely return to normal. Recovery starts TODAY – the more prepared communities are, the greater their ability to effectively respond to, recover from, and minimize the impact of a disaster.


    While tornadoes can happen anywhere, 75% of all tornadoes happen in the United States’ tornado alley. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, severe storm events in the U.S. cost an average of $2.4 billion per event. With at least six tornado events in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas already early in the year, 2023 is off to a busy start.

    Communities across the United States are continually making significant efforts to prepare for a tornado event, as well as building the capacity to respond to and recover from a severe storm. However, when the impacts are severe and the geographic area is large, many communities, counties, and states rely on experienced contractors with the necessary expertise to support and augment their staff and community services for a wide variety of needs. Services may include response and recovery efforts related to the current tornado season and any other disaster or emergency conditions that may cause widespread damage and/or put life, health, safety, and essential public services at risk.

    Response Services

    • Incident Command Staffing
    • UAV (i.e., Drone) Assessments (FAA Part 107 Certified)
    • Damage Assessments

    Recovery Services

    • Damage Assessments
    • Disaster Cost Recovery Reimbursement
    • Federal Disaster Assistance Grant Management
      • FEMA Public Assistance Program
      • FEMA Individual Assistance Program
      • FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
      • HUD Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery
      • SBA – Disaster Loan Program

    Preparedness Services

    • After-Action Reporting
    • Improvement Plans


    • Hazard Mitigation Plan Updates

    Emergency Contract Vehicles

    Following a declared state of emergency, the Federal Government allows local and state government to bypass their standard procurement policies and implement emergency procurement procedures. In times of emergency, understanding these unique contract vehicles can be essential in saving time, money, and resources. ISC has expertise working with these unique contract vehicles, which allow us to guide our clients in navigating the contracting process easily and expeditiously.

    Contracting with ISC is easy, and a number of pre-established contract vehicles can be utilized to facilitate the procurement process.

    Past Performance