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Public Health

At ISC we encourage healthcare organizations to develop comprehensive emergency preparedness and response programs that are not only compliant with the federal and state preparedness program standards, but also efficient, effective, and sustainable. This is accomplished by augmenting the expertise of our clients with ISC’s healthcare preparedness specialists to deliver client-focused, value-added results that elevate the standards of excellence and innovation.

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The COVID-19 pandemic showed the risk that infectious disease and public health outbreaks pose not only to our communities, but our regions, states, county, and the entire world. The reality is that our world’s growing population, coupled with more people moving to large urban areas, has elevated the role of public health in protecting and improving community health through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease and injury prevention, and control of infectious diseases. The increasing importance of public health agencies has resulted in an increase in federal regulations and guidance, and an increasing expectation for both local and state Public Health departments to comply with these requirements. The COVID-19 pandemic further reinforced the importance of enhancing the preparedness and resiliency of our hospital and healthcare systems and infrastructure.

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  • Public Health Program Coordination Support Services
  • Public Health Response Operations
    • Incident Command Support
  • Mass Casualty/Mass Care Planning
  • CMS Compliance Monitoring
  • ASPR Program Support
  • Medical Countermeasures Distribution & Despensing Strategies
  • Healthcare Coalition Coordination & Support Services
  • COVID-19 Adaptive Recovery Strategic Plan
  • After Action Review & Improvement Plan
  • Healthcare Cost Reimbursement Support Services


ISC has been providing comprehensive public health support services for almost two decades. Our commitment and dedication to Public Health has resulted in a long history of preparing for, responding to, mitigating for, and recovering from public health outbreaks and pandemics. We have been honored to support public health agencies on a wide variety of projects and support the response to our nation’s most significant infectious disease outbreaks, mass casualty events, and pandemics.

Building A Comprehensive & Sustainble Emergency Preparedness & Response Program

  • CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule – Hospital & EMS

  • ASPR 2017-2022 HPP Capabilities – Healthcare Coalition(s)

  • CDC PHEP Capabilities – Public Health

  • FEMA National Response Framework – ESF 8

  • National Disaster Recovery Framework – RSF Health & Social Security

Contracting Made Easy – Emergency Contract Vehicles

Following a declared state of emergency, the Federal Government allows local and state government to bypass their standard procurement policies and implement emergency procurement procedures. In times of emergency, understanding these unique contract vehicles can be essential in saving time, money, and resources. ISC has expertise working with these unique contract vehicles, which allow us to guide our clients on how to navigate the contracting process easily and expeditiously.

Contracting with ISC is easy, and a number of pre-established contract vehicles can be utilized to facilitate the procurement process

A program management software tool, A best-fit technology solutions for organizations and consulting companies.

The industry’s most powerful and intuitive comprehensive emergency program management and planning system. A complete platform of independent but integrated web-based tools designed to alleviate the burden on planning and preparedness professionals, OES means you can more effectively manage the comprehensive cycle of preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.