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ISC is a professional services firm specializing in homeland security, emergency management, public safety, hazard mitigation, and disaster recovery consulting services. ISC has a proven track record of successfully evaluating, developing, and integrating complex disaster/emergency management planning doctrine that follows relevant federal, state, and local programmatic directives and requirements. We are staffed with highly experienced emergency management, law enforcement, public health, disaster recovery, and related public safety professionals.

Throughout our 15+ years of service, ISC has had the privilege of supporting diverse
communities nationwide as a single-source provider of emergency planning services. Unlike our competitors, we are exclusively focused on providing emergency management and homeland security consulting services to the private and public sector. Our focus on these services provides our staff with a wealth of experience and lessons learned, granting Team ISC the ability to not just meet our clients’ needs, but deliver services that go above and beyond.

Our mission is to provide consulting solutions from a professional emergency management perspective for public and private entities. This mission is carried out by our extensive experience in the operational fields of emergency management, homeland security, law enforcement, healthcare systems, environmental, and critical infrastructure engineering; and is supported by our reputation of providing exceptional professional service. We accomplish our mission from our regional offices, located throughout the nation.