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The ISC Team provides technical assistance in identifying post-disaster damaged facilities, performing cost estimates of the damaged facilities, and identifying costs that would be eligible for funding through the HMGP Section 404 and 406 Hazard Mitigation Measures. Our Team’s experience in providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to modern urban infrastructure problems has been an asset to FEMA’s Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Programs. ISC mobilized disaster recovery and hazard mitigation subject matter experts to support FEMA’s Consolidated Resource Center as part of the new FEMA PA delivery model. The new FEMA PA delivery model was implemented in 2014 and was designed to offer efficiency in the disaster assistance process and best meet the needs of applicants. The Team reviewed PA projects within the new PA delivery model for potential HMGP Section 406 mitigation opportunities and promote the integration, implementation, and coordination for HMGP Section 406 mitigation activities in support of the PA Program for both internal (Consolidated Resource Center (CRC) staff) and external partners (Joint Field Office (JFO) staff, Applicants and Recipients) for multiple disasters. ISC staff coordinated Hazard Mitigation Planning strategies and the development of creative and technically feasible solutions to accomplish mitigation goals with all stakeholders. Additionally, ISC staff completed Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) of potential HMGP Section 406 mitigation projects using latest FEMA BCA methodology

The ISC Team has also assisted local and State communities in developing Letters of Intent (LOIs) following a disaster declaration. This is the first step in the selection of mitigation projects under FEMA’s HMGP program for post disaster mitigation projects. We have also assisted in the development of LOIs under Hazard Mitigation Assistance, which is competitively bid each year for pre-disaster mitigation projects. Letters developed have included an in-depth description of the proposed project as well as estimated costs.

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Mitigation Core Capabilities:

  • Program Management and Support
  • Risk and Disaster Resilience Assessment
  • Community Resilience
  • Long-Term Vulnerability Reduction
  • Threats and Hazards Identification
  • Comprehensive Emergency Preparedness and Planning Development
  • Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Technical Support
  • Committee and Workgroup Governance Development
  • Community Outreach
  • Grant Management and Procurement Support
  • Community Technical Surveys & Analysis
  • Mapping and Geospatial Analysis