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ISC remains at the forefront of Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CIKR) planning and has proven success in bridging the gap between a community’s critical asset considerations and its governing jurisdiction’s emergency planning initiatives. Specifically, ISC provides comprehensive solutions for incorporating the need to protect, build resiliency, and ensure the continuity of CIKR within a comprehensive emergency management planning framework. This is supported by our unique project experience and our cadre of professionals that are trained and certified in using DHS Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS), providing a wide spectrum of CIKR technical backgrounds, and nationally recognized expertise in CIKR.

  • Program Management and Support:Our professionals can leverage their experience and expertise to provide comprehensive site-specific assessments or integrate CIKR planning considerations into a more regional strategic program. Our planning and preparedness success is founded upon our team’s combined expertise in engineering, emergency management and homeland security.
  • Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Technical Support:Evaluating multi nodal vulnerabilities requires a thorough understanding of the cascading impacts to CIKR assets that occurs during a disaster and incorporating measures that have been taken to reduce risk. Complementing our mitigation and recovery technical expertise with CIKR experience, our professionals can provide an all-hazards assessment that addresses the DHS CIKR program while also building an all-hazards and comprehensive CIKR program.
  • Risk, Vulnerability, and Capability Assessment:We recognize that a uniformed risk, vulnerability, and capability assessment essentially serves as the foundation for effective all-hazard planning and preparedness. For this reason, ISC has a researched, tested, and proven risk assessment methodology that incorporates state-of-the art technologies to safeguarding and protecting critical infrastructure and key resource assets.
  • Automated Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS):ISC has several professionals that are ACAMS trained and certified. More importantly, we have an understanding of the system — including its limitations and advantages — and can work with local and regional emergency managers to maximize the system’s capabilities.