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Following a disaster, debris removal is critical to expediting the recovery process. FEMA will reimburse eligible applicants for the costs associated with the removal of debris from improved public property and public rights-of-way, including federal-aid roads. It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor all debris removal activities and document and track equipment and labor.

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ISC has provided programmatic and technical support to all levels of government in the implementation of debris management plans and strategies following disasters. Our 10 years of experience include some of the nation’s largest debris management operations, making ISC part of a national team of recognized experts tasked with the delivery of debris management plan training and technical assistance to state, local, and tribal governments and private non-profits.

Debris Management Experience

  • FEMA Nationwide Debris Management Planning Support
  • Jefferson County, ID Debris Management & Emergency Operations Plan Updates
  • Tribal Debris and Hazardous Materials Response Plan
  • DR-4085 Hurricane Sandy Debris Management Operations
  • DR-4117 Oklahoma Tornado SRIA Debris Management Operations
  • DR-1980 Joplin Tornado Debris Management Operations
  • FEMA Public Assistance Technical Support
  • City of Sarasota Debris Monitoring and Recovery Services