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Following a disaster, ISC’s team of technical specialists will deploy to help assess damage to both public and personal property. Recovery projects can take extensive amounts of time, energy, and funding. There are a variety of funding sources available to communities, private non-profit organizations, businesses, families, and individuals who have been affected by the disaster; however, it may take considerable effort to identify and obtain proper funding sources, coordinate these funding sources, and implement funded projects. At ISC, we help our clients navigate funding programs to expedite the recovery process and help build resiliency.

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Following a disaster, citizens in a community may be displaced from their homes due to damage, evacuations, or other factors. The FEMA Individuals and Households Program (IHP) provides financial help and direct services to assist with housing needs that are not covered by insurance or other sources.

FEMA Individuals & Households Program (IHP) Covers:

  • Lodging expense reimbursement for short-term stays in hotels.

  • Rental assistance for temporary housing

    Or direct temporary housing in the forms below:

  • Multi-family lease and repair

  • Recreational vehicles (RV)

  • Manufactured housing unit (MHU)

  • Direct lease

  • Money to help repair or replace your primary home.

  • Permanent housing construction.

Other Individual Assistance Programs can help support survivors with unemployment assistance, crisis counseling, and legal services. Additionally, disaster survivors can receive assistance in the form of federal disaster loans administered by the Small Business Administration.


Take photos of damaged home and contents

Make a list of damaged or lost items

File a claim with insurance if you have it. Proceed to step 4

To apply and find local resources.

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  1. Take photos of damaged home and contents

  2. Make a list of damaged or lost items

  3. File a claim with insurance. If you don’t have insurance, proceed to step

  4. Apply for assistance in person at a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) or by phone or mail.

Our Innovative Solutions

Drone Technology

Cutting-edge UAV technology and software provides enhanced analysis and mapping of hazards. The information gathered by our FAA-certified UAV pilots generates enhanced disaster data analysis and mapping and provides a unique perspective on current and future challenges.


Odysseus GMT

The Odysseus Grant Management tool provides users with a ready-to-use or customized disaster grant management system that allows your organization to track, administer, and report grant funding.


Damage Assessment Tool

ISC has mastered the development of 360-degree panoramic damage assessments. Our team creates high-level, detailed, 360-degree panoramic damage assessments in a matter of minutes. This technology establishes a detailed historical record to document damages and justify cost estimates.


Odysseus CPM

The Odysseus Compliance and Performance Management tool provides data-driven assessments that systematically evaluate the compliance and/or performance to various governmental and industry recognized programs and standards.