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Our commitment to providing real solutions for our clients is demonstrated by our dedication to knowledge both within our industry and our team. We are enthusiastic in the pursuit, attainment, and support of advanced academic degrees and applying scientific methods to reveal new discoveries and innovations that advance solutions and foster improvement. The combination of practical knowledge and our research-based skills allow us to provide client-specific products and solutions that enhance the resiliency of our nation.

Program Management

Our program management tool provides data-driven assessments that evaluate the compliance and/or performance to various governmental and industry programs and standards.

Grant Management

Our grant management tool provides a ready-to-use or customized disaster grant management system that tracks, administers, and reports grant funding and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Technological Solutions

For more than a decade, ISC has been designing, developing, testing, and implementing innovative technological solutions for contemporary challenges.

Innovation and Research

The ISC team offers technical know-how and cross-disciplinary understanding to deliver innovative solutions that complement our clients’ existing technology infrastructure and capacity.

Knowledge Management

Our KMS tool gives planners the ability to develop and maintain programs, plans, policies, and guidance while offering standardization and flexibility.

Planning & Technical Studies

ISC’s ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that incorporate national best-practices enables us to provide a value-added service rooted in disaster management theory and research.

Compliance Management

ISC’s Compliance and Performance Management tool provides data-driven assessments that systematically evaluate the compliance and/or performance to various governmental and industry recognized programs and standards.

Performance Management

From large, complex programs to challenging projects, ISC is recognized for providing industry-leading management consulting services that leverage cutting-edge techniques, methods, and tools.

Research & Analysis

Mid-Level Exercise Practitioners (MEP)

Certified Emergency Managerg

Emergency Management Institute (EMI)

Advanced Degrees

GIS HAZUS Practitioner

Corporate Responsibility

Professional Facilitators

Command Level Fire Rescue

Quality Control Experts

Renowned Emergency Planner

Certified Flood Plain Manager