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Public participation helps drive decision-making in a community and informs the public, government representatives, and elected officials on important issues. Outreach and education engage the whole community and establish a participation process that is inclusive of all groups and reflect a representative sample of a community. The benefits of effective public outreach and education should not be underestimated.

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The Importance of Understanding Organizational Networks in the Community

The inclusion of important community organizational networks in preparedness campaigns will result in more informed community stakeholders, increase credibility and legitimacy of the message, and involve critical partners in the decision-making process.

In today’s digital age, holding public workshops and meetings is not enough to effectively engage community stakeholders and generate the necessary reach. Accessibility to information has increased the need to ensure information is reliable and accurately reflects the community’s unique attributes.

Benefits of Public

Outreach and


  • Build consensus and support

  • Increase awareness & understanding

  • Anticipate public concerns & attitudes

  • Engage groups that are underrepresented in your community

  • Improve the ease of implementation

  • Maintain credibility and legitimacy

  • Improve quality of decisions

  • Minimize cost and delay

  • Avoid confrontation

Community Outreach & Engagement

  • Community Workshops and Fairs
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Stakeholder Interviews and Data Analysis
  • Community Preparedness Surveys
  • Community Preparedness Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns

Public Education & Development

  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Development
  • Competency-Based Curriculum Mapping
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Traditional Classroom-Based Training & Drills
  • Tabletop, Functional, Full-Scale Exercises

Outreach & Education Technologies

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Computer-Based Trainings
  • Special Effects & Video Production
  • Virtual Reality Simulations
  • Interactive Community Display

Orbits of Organizational Networks for Community Participation

ISC Delivers Unparalleled Expertise

City of Chicago Whole Community Summit

ISC planned, marketed, and facilitated a regional Whole Community Training Summit aimed at community members, and public, private, and faith-based organizations. ISC identified potential speakers, moderators, and attendees and created marketing and advertising strategies.

Nationwide HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response Workshops

ISC is providing workshops and a nationwide virtual exercise to complement and supplement state, local, territorial, and tribal governmental capacity to distribute medical countermeasures as required for potential public health events.

Mid-America Regional Council: Bi-State Community Service Provider Network & Resiliency Building

ISC was contracted to support the bi-state Kansas City region in addressing the needs of disabled, functionally dependent, or other vulnerable population types. ISC worked closely with emergency management, and other community service providers to identify the network, develop strategies for engaging populations, and establish methods to measure and assess the program’s success.

Hurricane Preparedness Video & Outreach Campaign

ISC developed and produced an educational17-minute All-Hazards Preparedness Video and 30-second public service announcement. It was offered in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. The video educated the public on natural and man-made disasters, planning, evacuation, sheltering, and emergency supply kits.

Oakland County, MI Active Shooter Simulated Exercise & Computer-Based Training

First responders and community partners will be impacted by active assailant and/or shooter incidents. ISC developed three computer-based training programs and simulated exercises that provide key community partners with basic training on tactical issues and concepts of victim care after an incident.

San Diego, CA Community Preparedness Study

ISC conducted a resident community preparedness study to understand their needs for future wildfires and other disasters. The survey was available in 3 languages and various formats to over 2,500 participants. The methodology used resulted in the distribution of 60,000 surveys.

South Florida UASI Public-Private Resiliency Workshops

ISC assisted in researching best practices with establishing pre-disaster Public-Private Partnerships and successfully involving private partners in disaster operations and the community recovery process. This information will be integrated into the County’s recovery strategy and shared with a regional coalition.