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The primary function of After Action Report is to analyze the management, including an overview of performance related to each exercise objective and associated core capabilities, while highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Some of the most significant changes to how we prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate for disasters have occurred as a result of critical and thorough post-incident reviews.

The After Action Report and Improvement Plan is a vital instrument to document the successes, gaps, and areas of improvement identified after an incident.

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The Value of Proven Systematic Methods & Techniques in the AAR/IP Process

The value of the After Action Report/Improvement Plan is directly proportionate to the thoroughness, analysis, and synthesis of the information obtained throughout the After Action Report/Improvement Plan process. Tested and validated systematic methods and techniques control for the quality of the data gathering and analysis, ensuring more substantial findings.

ISC’s innovative approach incorporates proven scientific research methods into the standard After Action Report process to ensure meaningful results. These methods are highlighted below.

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