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The U.S. Virgin Islands know the impact natural and man-made disasters can have on a community and its residents. In the past, the trend of providing the same solutions to the same issues has led to problems for the territory both during and after disasters. However, disasters can also be agents for change and break that cycle.

The actions we take today will determine the impact the next disaster will have tomorrow.

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) and Virgin Islands Collaborative Solutions (VICS) want to ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated so that the U.S. Virgin Islands are able to heal and grow for many years to come.

We bridge the practice and research of emergency management to deliver solutions that work.

Our team is comprised of experts in a variety of professional fields including technology, engineering, public health, environmental science, and more. We are recognized scholars in the field of emergency management

An internationally recognized professional services firm focused on comprehensive emergency and disaster management solutions.

More than two decades experience helping large and small communities and organizations all over the world plan for, respond to, and recover from disasters and build resilient futures.

VICS is focused on delivering research, development, and business management services in the USVI.

We have a local presence in St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John and have provided services to the territory’s Departments of Health, Human Services, Education, Agriculture, Licensing and Consumer Affairs, as well as the University of the Virgin Islands and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. VICS has also executed a one million-dollar Kresge Foundation grant to the City of Philadelphia on behalf of The Enterprise Center


On February 12, 2020, recognizing the collaborative strengths of both organizations, ISC and VICS agreed partner to support the USVI in building a resilient future and improving its current capabilities to responding to disasters. By combining ISC’s technical expertise in the field of disaster management with VICS’ intimate knowledge of the USVI, together we are here to serve USVI. Current contracts ISC and VICS are working on together in the USVI include projects with WAPA and the Office of Disaster Recovery.


innovative emergency management consulting


We are committed to serving the USVI, not just in their disaster response and recovery, but within the communities on the island.

ISC has responded to more than 100 major disasters, including Hurricanes Maria and Sandy, along with tornadoes, as well as other natural hazards, pandemics, and man made disasters. But we don’t come into a community, do the job, and leave. We deliver client-focused results with a 97.1% performance success rate and invest in our customers’ communities.

We work with local experts to focus on everyone in the community together. Because after a disaster, the community shares one identity - disaster victim. But to fully recover, the community must be supported throughout the recovery process. That’s where we come in.


We have come together in this partnership with the goal of helping the territory to better adapt to and recover from the unique challenges that the Caribbean faces before, during, and after disasters strike. These unique challenges require a tailored approach and a detailed management plan that address the USVI’s culture, geographic location, and community opportunities.

Our plan calls for not only transparency, but also building a resilient future for the people of the USVI by elevating training and preparedness opportunities that account for the unique culture and ecospheres of the USVI and every other aspect of the islands.

ISC and VICS are coming together to create a comprehensive crisis management response and invest in infrastructure, training, and economic development that will yield long-term growth.

Odysseus™ is the industry’s most powerful and intuitive comprehensive program management and planning system. A complete platform of independent but integrated web-based tools designed to alleviate the burden on planning and preparedness professionals, OES means you can more effectively manage the comprehensive cycle of preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation.

Features of the Odyssesus Enterprise System

Grant Management Tool

Ready-to-use or customized grant management system that tracks, administers, and reports funding.

Knowledge Management System

Cutting-edge technology that allows you to develop, share, and maintain preparedness programs, plans, policies, and guidance.

Compliance & Performance Metrics

Program that offers users data-driven assessments that systematically evaluate compliance and performance.

Assessment & Analysis System

Generate customized assessments that can be used to evaluate and track performance and progress of programs and initiatives.

Computer-Based Training System

Ready-to-use or customized computer-based training modules to aid in your organization’s knowledge transfer and retention.

Site Inspection

Ready-to-use or customized, mobile friendly, for real-time damage assessments and log site-specific damage inventory.