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It has long been recognized that training is not just important to any preparedness program, or company for that matter – it is vital. Effective training has been shown to: 1) increase understanding and compliance, 2) improve the productivity and adherence to quality standards, 3) develop and improve skill sets that are essential to their responsibility or work function, 4) improve the ability to implement and realize specific goals, and 5) increase the ability to operationalize strategies, processes, and procedures.

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Public safety, emergency management, and homeland security programs have long realized the benefit of training; however, their ability to maintain and sustain training programs is limited in today’s age of budget and funding cutbacks. The tremendous amount of planning and preparedness that our nation has undertaken over the past decade, and the ability to implement these strategies, procedures, and protocol are at severe risk.

This is why ISC has made huge investments to develop computer-based trainings and not only recreate a traditional classroom environment, but use cutting-edge technologies, innovative media, and adult learning techniques that will engage learners, enhance their learning experience, and improve knowledge retention. ISC has mastered educational authoring software and has integrated cutting-edge tools that are designed to enhance the educational environment.

ISC Educational Enhancements

  • First-person interactive gaming technology

  • 360° panoramic images and video scenes

  • 360° panoramic aerial scanning

  • Aerial drone videography and photography

  • Professional film crew and equipment

  • Computer graphic animation

  • Consequence-based scenario development (choose-your-own-ending)