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Odysseus is a revolutionary software that is transforming preparedness, response and resiliency program management for the modern professional!

Odysseus™ is a cloud-based suite of tools designed to enhance your organization's knowledge management process, increase your organization's operational effectiveness, increase collaboration and understanding, support knowledge transfer and retention through training and education, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximizes funding efficiency.

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The Odysseus™ Enterprise System (OES) consists of the following…

Maximize Grant Funding and Program Efficiency

Odysseus™ | Grant Management Tool (GMT) system provides users with a ready-to-use or customized grant management system to allow your organization to track, administer, report, and maximize grant funding. The Odysseus™|GMT serves as a centralized location to collaborate on projects and automates workflow and personalized dashboards highlight pending tasks and overall progress of grant funding allocations. Odysseus™|GMT is customizable to meet our clients’ needs and can easily integrate with other web-based application to ensure accuracy, transparency and compliance across your organization.

Robust Program Planning Platform

The core of the Odysseus™ platform, the Knowledge Management System (KMS), gives planners an online tool dedicated to the development and maintenance of complex plans and program initiatives.

Powerful Performance Metric Tools

The Odysseus™|Compliance & Performance Metrics (CPM) offers users with data-driven assessments that systematically evaluate the compliance and/or performance to various governmental and industry recognized programs and standards.

Customized Assessments

The Odysseus™|Assessment & Analysis System (AAS) provides user administrators with the ability to generate customized assessments that can be used to evaluate and track the performance and progress of their programs and initiatives.

Enhance Knowledge Transfer and Retention

Odysseus™ | Computer-Based Training (CBT) system offers users with ready-to-use or customized computer-based training modules to aid in your organization’s knowledge transfer and retention. Odysseus | CBT comes with the ​Training, Exercise and Management System (TEAM), which serves as your learning management platform to access and manage education, training, and exercising for your organization. This includes curriculum development and tracking, training records and certificates of completion. Courses utilize the Simulator (IES) to create an interactive, real-life simulation to enhance learning.



We recognize that our customers are busy and that implementing a new system, regardless of how beneficial it will be to the organization's success, is a substantial effort and investment in resources. Our focus is to maximize our clients’ experience with the Odysseus™ system and make the most of the technology’s full potential for your organization.

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