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Generating and analyzing geospatial data provides a wealth of information for organizations in all sectors. Mapping and geospatial analysis offers a new perspective of contemporary challenges, reveals attributes that were once hidden, and presents new solutions. However, for many organizations, our data-rich world can seem somewhat overwhelming and difficult to present new insights and knowledge, especially with easy to interpret maps, graphs, and analytics.

ISC’s team of analysts have revolutionized how clients see the world around them with cutting-edge software and new technologies. From 3D hazard mapping of existing geospatial data to aerial thermal imaging produced by our fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, we go beyond simply producing maps. We are specialized in capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, managing, and presenting all types of data; and utilize geospatial analysis in a variety of contexts, operations and applications.

Our Services


  • Geospatial Program Management

  • Geospatial Data Management

  • Geospatial Analysis

  • Geospatial Enterprise and Web GIS

  • Geostatistical Analysis

  • 3D Modeling & Mapping


  • Community Analysis & Mapping

  • Crowdsource Analysis & Mapping

  • Environmental Analysis & Mapping

  • Flood Inundation Analysis

  • Hazard Modeling & Analysis (HAZUS-MH, ALOHA)

  • Infrastructure & Utility Data Management & Mapping