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Evacuation is a process by which people are moved from a place where there is immediate or anticipated danger to a place of safety, offered appropriate temporary shelter facilities, and when the threat to safety is gone, enabled to return to their normal activities, or to make suitable alternative arrangements.

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ISC recognizes that a large-scale evacuation is a complex, multi-jurisdictional effort that requires coordination between many disciplines, agencies, and organizations. It is also only one element of the larger disaster and incident response effort. Because neighboring jurisdictions, emergency services, and other public safety organizations play key roles in ensuring that an evacuation is effective, efficient, and safe, it is extremely important to recognize the need for effective coordination, collaboration, and communication. ISC has the ability to provide in-depth, research-based solutions to the coordination needs of a multi-jurisdictional evacuation operation.



ISC was tasked with assisting Miami-Dade County with an all-hazards evacuation clearance time study to better understand the time needed to conduct a safe and timely evacuation for various natural, technological, ad human-caused hazards that pose a threat to their community.

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