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Our people are a group of professionals whose expertise and skill sets are based on a mix of academic achievement, direct practice, and proven subject-matter experience. ISC recognizes that the successful management of any project is dependent upon our ability to effectively deliver exceptional professionals with a documented record of success. Our continued success has served to strengthen our belief that our team must be coordinated and versed in a wide array of fields that support emergency management operations, especially in the discipline of mitigation planning, public engagement, and risk assessment. Our team is unparalleled in its abilities and experience; providing our clients with a value-added service that will deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions surrounding the complexity in preparing, evaluating, implementing, and administering effective and efficient services.

Organizational Structure

Daniel Martin is the world’s first to hold a PhD in Emergency Management and recognized internationally for bridging the disciplines of emergency management and environmental sciences (climate change). He is a seasoned emergency manager whose experience covers all fundamental areas of the discipline to include response, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness to include planning, training, and exercises.

Dr. Martin is a seasoned program manager and consultant, managing over 300 consulting engagements and managing several large FEMA and other U.S. Federal emergency management contracts totaling over $2.5 billion. His project experience ranges from development of hazard mitigation plans for some of our Nation’s largest communities to conducting tabletop and functional exercise on a wide variety of hazard topics and special events such as the Super Bowl. He has developed community disaster recovery plans, community preparedness surveys, hurricane preparedness commercial video to the creation of a community vulnerability and hazard risk analysis tool with over 4,500 scientifically based measurements. His experience in emergency management is extensive and maintains a high standard of performance for every client he serves.

In addition to his planning and preparedness experience, over the course of his career, Dr. Martin has responded to over 50 U.S. Nationally declared disasters and has been instrumental in many of FEMA’s programmatic initiatives to improve the United States emergency management system since 9/11. His disaster experience includes all the major United States disasters to include 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina (New Orleans), Sandy (New York City), Harvey (Houston), and Maria (Puerto Rico) where he served in various leadership roles during disaster recovery operations. He has prepared, provided oversight, and/or managed the development, reconciliation, final closeout, and appeals of over $5 billion in disaster recovery and mitigation grants under the FEMA Public Assistance, FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant, and HUD CDBG-DR programs. In 2018, Dr. Martin served as the lead Subject Matter Expert to investigate the Puerto Rico Recovery Operation following Hurricane Maria, help resolve operational and programmatic issues. Dr. Martin’s efforts resulted in putting Puerto Rico on the correct path for disaster recovery.

Dr. Martin’s contributions to the emergency management industry has been recognized by two former Presidents of the United States and has received commendation from FEMA Headquarters, senior client officials, and emergency management scholars for his extensive knowledge of the field of emergency management as well as the federal programs, regulations, policies, and disaster operational practices.

Lauren Martin serves as the Director of Controls for ISC. In her tenure with ISC, Lauren has responded to over 20 U.S. Nationally declared disasters and has helped to manage over $20 billion in recovery dollars. Her disaster experience includes but is not limited to 2008 Midwest Floods, Hurricanes Sandy, Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the 2011 and 2013 Tornadoes. Lauren served in various roles during the response and recovery operations and was integral in the development of key performance metrics as well as project management tools used to help gauge the progress of recovery operations.

She possesses intimate programmatic knowledge in the administration of the FEMA’s Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation programs, which has enabled her in past disaster operations to successfully represent FEMA leadership and negotiate with key officials on controversial issues. Throughout her educational and professional career, Lauren has developed an exceptional leadership style which promotes and cultivates an environment of teamwork, respect, and continued learning. She provides clear direction and guidance to effectively structure and organize work activities to maximize productivity, fulfill incident objectives and meet production expectations of staff.

Ms. Martin is a seasoned professional in investigating and analyzing conditions, identifying areas of issue, and implementing corrective action as necessary. Her desire to streamline processes and improve efficiencies has led to the development of a variety of databases and tools, most notably ISC’s Odysseus Grant Management Tool. She has also spearheaded the development of Computer Based Trainings to assist clients in reducing time and money affiliated with in-person training, while increasing learner retention through engaging and interactive training modules.

As an experienced consultant and Director of Operations for ISC, Mr. Abe has excelled in providing comprehensive all-hazard services in all phases of emergency management. As a thought leader and innovator, Mr. Abe brings expertise in the following areas: program management, technological/innovative solutions, organizational leadership, risk and vulnerability analysis, emergency planning, and public health preparedness. His disaster experience includes supporting COVID-19 response operations for the second largest county in the U.S.; supporting major flooding incidents in FEMA Regions VIII and V; recovery support for Hurricane Sandy (New York City); recovery support for Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico); various tornadoes across the Midwest; and H1N1 response operations. Additionally, Mr. Abe personally and professionally experienced first-hand the devastating impacts of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Mr. Abe is a leader in emergency management with a successful track record of supporting clients to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the multiple threats and hazards facing our nation. Mr. Abe has managed and supported over 100 consulting engagements, and currently oversees operations for all preparedness and recovery engagements for ISC. Clients have continuously recognized Mr. Abe for his professionalism, dedication, and work ethic. His aptitude and expertise have resulted in developing regional disaster response, recovery and administrative strategies; hazard mitigation plans; evacuation strategies; and a wide variety of other emergency management projects that have been recognized by the client, respective states, FEMA region and FEMA HQ.

A professional leader with 20+ years of experience in emergency and crisis management, Mr. Stanley’s expertise includes crisis and risk communication, threat and risk assessments, emergency, continuity, and mitigation planning, and more. Mr. Stanley developed standardized national disaster management programs in the Middle East and assisted the state of North Dakota in improving resiliency to seasonal flooding and crude oil transportation risks.

Mr. George DeTella is currently facilitating multi-disciplinary/agency planning discussions, table-top exercises and coordinating after-action reports and improvement plans. Prior to joining ISC Mr. DeTella served as a public safety professional for thirty-five years. He has worked successfully within the government sector at the State and County level as well as within the private sector. During his career he has compiled an extensive background in directing operations and implementing complex initiatives. Mr. DeTella retired from the Illinois Department of Corrections as the Associate Director of Operations. His responsibilities included the management of a $1+ billion budget and 15,000 personnel. As the Associate Director he was responsible for all agency operations divisions. Mr. DeTella then served as the Chief, Office of Risk and Emergency Management. for the DuPage County Health Department. In this capacity he directed all preparedness and response operations. While with DuPage Mr. DeTella was responsible for County MCM, HCID and ESF 8 plans routinely working in collaboration with the local, regional, state and federal stakeholders.

During his tenure with both the Illinois Department of Corrections and the DuPage County Health Department he served as the Incident Commander on various statewide and countywide response operations, special events, and emergency situations. Since joining Integrated Solutions Consulting, Mr. DeTella has coordinated National MCM Summits for Regions VI and VII and routinely facilitates planning discussions involving stakeholders representing various disciplines from the private and public sectors.

A US Army Veteran with a Bachelor’s in Technology Management from DeVry University and 40+ years of IT experience, Tim heads up our Technology Group. Serving FEMA Region 2, Tim served in NYC for Hurricane Sandy where he designed a new SQL database system to help manage disaster deployments more efficiently; Then in Puerto Rico for Hurricane Irma and Maria recovery, helping with Process Improvements in Public Assistance Operations. He performed PAGS and PDMG level EMMIE and Grants Manager duties processing documentation for billions of dollars in projects. Tim also served in Hurricane Harvey recovery in Fort bend County, TX. As Team Lead for FEMA in Hurricane Katrina/Rita recovery in Louisiana his team broke ground on the first mobile home park in the state and was recognized by JFO leadership for his efforts. While Vice President of International Operations at a top 50 USA Direct Sales Company, Tim opened 14 new countries in 6 months facilitating major revenue growth. From VP and CTO positions at several major Direct Sales companies, he led development of a world-class database and transaction system that has evolved into one of the premier IT platforms for hundreds of Direct Sales companies. Tim served as Vice President of Sales at a major technology services company serving small and medium sized businesses. Through these experiences, he is recognized a trusted leader and team player for Emergency Management operations, technology, and business development.

VP of Marketing with 15+ years of experience as a proven contributor to the vitality and success of top-tier organizations based upon strong business acumen, adaptive strategic thinking, sound analytics and a deep competitive drive. A notable record of success that includes identifying and taking new business opportunities to market, defining, and implementing robust strategic plans, and establishing long term customer relationships.

Responsible for managing all brands, distribution channels, and deployment of sales for the organization. Specific responsibilities include business and market development, customer management, management of market research, strategic direction for advertising, proposal development, sales growth and customer satisfaction. Also oversees the sales, marketing, and proposal development team members daily activity and growth.

Team ISC has over 500+ support staff & resources available and ready to deploy within 72 hours. Giving us a capacity to respond to federal, state, and local governments and private entities alike, within a moment’s notice. Our extensive reach and local availability connect ISC to its clients allowing for close oversight, direct communication, and expedient solutions to problems and requirements.

By ensuring we recruit and deliver the best and the brightest consultants based on the requirements and expectations of our clients, ISC hand picks consultants specifically dedicated to the needs of our clients with the ideal knowledge and experience to work on specific planning initiatives, producing exceptional results.