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Meeting the needs of modern emergency managers, community planners and public safety professionals

What keeps you up at night? Dwindling grant funding, reduced resources, limited availability of key stakeholder collaboration, challenges to ensure performance and compliance, and the growing expectations of residents as well as the increasing liability for communities?

Developing and maintaining an effective and compliant emergency management program is not an easy task for the modern emergency manager. Odysseus™ is here to help, offering an affordable solution that elevates your capacity to prepare, respond, recover and mitigate disaster. This suite of interrelated and secure online tools closes the gaps between planning and operational implementation, facilitates the execution of daily tasks, measures program performance and improvement, and monitors the compliance and delivery of your comprehensive preparedness program before, during and after a disaster.

Do you fully comprehend your state, county or community's vulnerabilities and all hazards risk exposure? Our Community Vulnerability, Risk, and Resiliency (CVR2) model offers the most robust intelligence in the industry and serves as a fundamental component of any successful preparedness program.

Does your comprehensive emergency management program sit in binders on dusty shelves? The Odysseus CEMP will put you in the cloud via an online tool that gives secured access and power to your emergency management team.

The Odysseus Human Asset Manager and Committee Manager Tools streamline the collaboration and track the progress and performance of your personnel, work groups, committees and stakeholder partners.

Odysseus is a complete platform consisting of independent but integrated tools. We understand that state, county and municipal governments are not cookie cutters, so we designed Odysseus using a flexible framework to meet each of our client's specific needs and to empower emergency managers by offering affordable, industry-best tools that will elevate the capacity of your comprehensive emergency management program.




We're not just a technology company that stumbled upon a need in emergency preparedness. We're dedicated professionals that developed an intuitive and affordable system designed to make a difference by giving our clients a tool to do more, for less.



Odysseus is more than a software platform; it's a community. We have developed an active comprehensive preparedness e-community where you can get and share tips, collaborate on professional best practices and gain access to a library of templates and examples you can use to build your preparedness program


There are countless well-developed and thoroughly researched emergency management programs residing in binders on dusty bookshelves. Odysseus utilizes the latest cloud technologies to make all functions of preparing, maintaining, updating, and improving your emergency management program readily accessible, compliant and more efficient.




For too long, emergency managers were at the disposal of antiquated methods for managing people, plans and programs. No more. Odysseus enhances an emergency manager's capacity by allowing them to efficiently and effectively control their comprehensive emergency management program efforts


Government has many levels, as does your emergency management team. Odysseus manages access levels of all users, guaranteeing that every member of your team has SECURED access to the information they need, when they need it.



Odysseus was built to be intuitive and user friendly. It's easy to get started, yet powerful enough so that if you want to create something more complex down the road, you can.


Eliminate difficulties involving key stakeholders, scheduling meetings, sharing information and managing the administrative functions of committee management. Odysseus offers a unique management tool that will ensure the active and efficient participation of committee members and key stakeholders



Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP)

The core of the Odysseus platform, CEMP gives emergency planners an online tool dedicated to the development and maintenance of complex emergency management plans and comprehensive preparedness. READ MORE >>

Community Vulnerability, Risk, and Resiliency (CVR2)

This dynamic planning tool uses proven methodology to analyze potential community hazard vulnerabilities and their impact. We help you assess your community's risk potential, and then offer strategies and processes to manage these risks. READ MORE >>

Training, Exercise and Management System

The Training, Exercise, and Management System (TEAM) allows for the delivery and tracking of learning, whether by training courses or conducting exercises, across the Odysseus™ enterprise. READ MORE >>

Human Asset Manager (HAM)

This Odysseus tool not only manages emergency management personnel, but also tracks their education, training, skill sets and deployment activities. The HAM shifts the responsibility of information tracking from department leadership to personnel. READ MORE >>

Committee Manager Tool (CMT)

Engage your community's committee members and efficiently manage the administrative expectations of coordinating their involvement. READ MORE >>

Interactive Exercise Simulator

Dull and expensive exercises conducted in the traditional format are often challenged with scenario creep and fail to effectively engage participants. READ MORE >>


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