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Department of Interior to Utilize Odysseus Interactive Simulator in TTX

ISC was selected by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs to develop interactive tabletop exercises for thirteen dams owned and operated by the Bureau using ISC’s Odysseus Interactive Exercise Simulator technologies.  These interactive exercises will be conducted with bureau staff, tribal leaders and state agencies to test the operational concepts and capabilities identified in the respective dam emergency action plans.


ISC Supports the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Updating Dam Emergency Action Plans for the Apache, Navajo, and Flathead Tribes.

ISC is currently working with the Cooper Zietz Engineering team to update Dam Emergency Action Plans for a number of tribal communities across the Nation. In addition to updating the EAPs, ISC is assisting the BIA in the facilitation of Tabletop Exercises to validate the EAP for each of the dams.

The mission of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Safety of Dams Program is to protect, to the extent practicable, people who reside in or who otherwise occupy the flood plain downstream from Bureau of Indian Affairs dams from the risks posed by the dams.


ISC Conducts Hurricane Recovery TTX Using the Odysseus Simulator

ISC developed and facilitated a Hurricane Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise for Miami-Dade County using its innovative and cutting-edge Odysseus Exercise Simulator technologies.  The Odysseus Exercise Simulator was customized specifically for Miami-Dade County Emergency Management and provided an effective process for engaging participants with visual context while ensuring compliance with HSEEP protocol.  ISC not only received commendation for an excellent exercise but also the successful utilization of cutting-edge technologies that will advance emergency management.





ISC Supports Special Event Planning for Major Country Music Festival

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) developed and facilitated a Hazardous Material Tabletop Exercise for Becker County MN that tests various vital aspects of their Special Events Operations and Management Planning.  This tabletop exercise was in preparation of the Annual We Fest Country Music Festival. WE Fest is an annual three-day country music festival that is now one of the biggest country festivals in the nation.