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ISC Conducts Hurricane Recovery TTX Using the Odysseus Simulator

ISC developed and facilitated a Hurricane Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise for Miami-Dade County using its innovative and cutting-edge Odysseus Exercise Simulator technologies.  The Odysseus Exercise Simulator was customized specifically for Miami-Dade County Emergency Management and provided an effective process for engaging participants with visual context while ensuring compliance with HSEEP protocol.  ISC not only received commendation for an excellent exercise but also the successful utilization of cutting-edge technologies that will advance emergency management.





ISC Selected to Develop Disaster Recovery Plan Enhancements

ISC was selected to develop an Expense Documentation and Cost Recovery Procedure as an enhancement to the Miami-Dade Recovery Plan.  The goal is to create a user-friendly procedure that identifies the roles and responsibilities of the agencies to prepare for, document correctly, apply for, and receive available expense reimbursement, to include FEMA Public Assistance, after a disaster.


ISC Mobilizes to Support Moore, OK Tornado Recovery

ISC mobilized resources to support disaster recovery operations following the devastating Moore, Oklahoma tornado.  On May 20, 2013, a F5 tornado traveled 17 miles causing a 17-mile path of destruction through Oklahoma, including a heavily populated section of Moore.  ISC personnel worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide technical support with the assessment of damages, debris removal and assessing damage to infrastructure and public facilities.





ISC Wins Regional Recovery Strategy Guide

ISC was selected to develop a Regional Disaster Recovery Strategy for the Kansas City urban area.  This annex to the Regional Coordination Guide will describe the general framework for coordinating regional disaster recovery activities as well as serve as a customized template for local agency use when developing their own Long-term Recovery ESF/Annex in LEOPs.


ISC Supports the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Efforts

Integrated Solutions Consulting has mobilized several technical specialists to the disaster recovery efforts throughout the New York City metropolitan area.  ISC technical specialists are assessing damages to critical and essential public infrastructure and working with FEMA and local and state applicants to recoup federal disaster recovery assistance funding from FEMA’s Public Assistance Program.