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Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC), a firm specializing in complex crisis and consequence management projects, recently opened its Colorado office in Colorado Springs.

Joining the Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, South Florida, and Fargo offices, the new Colorado office will provide consulting solutions from a professional emergency management perspective for public and private entities.  ISC’s services are carried out by our extensive experience in the operational fields of emergency management, homeland security, law enforcement, health, environmental, and critical infrastructure engineering; and is supported by our reputation of providing exceptional professional service.


ISC Selected to Provide Regional Planning & Exercise Support

ISC was selected by the Mid-America Regional Council to provide planning and exercise services, as needed, for various regional planning and exercise projects.  The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) serves as the association of city and county governments and the metropolitan planning organization for the bi-state Kansas City region. 119 municipalities and nine counties are served by MARC.