Odysseus™ Network:

ISC Conducts Research for FEMA HQ on Emergent Behaviors After Disaster

ISC conducted a case study research for FEMA HQ that investigates how emergency management can best identify, leverage, and empower the emergent behavior of individuals and groups when catastrophe strikes.  This case study explored previous US and international catastrophic events to evaluate areas of success and improvement.  The result of this study provided FEMA HQ with recommended actions to improve current emergency management practices and policies.

ISC Responds to Statewide Flooding in California

Severe flooding throughout California and portions of Nevada resulting in three disaster declarations covering 56 counties throughout California.  ISC has mobilized its cadre of disaster recovery experts to conduct damage assessments, develop and validate repairs and cost estimates, determine eligibility, and coordinate the recovery efforts of municipal and county governments and the revitalization of public infrastructure assets.


ISC Mobilizes for Historic Texas Flooding

An unprecedented 31 inches of rain fell in areas of Louisiana and Texas, causing one of the most severe flooding events in recent history.  ISC mobilized a large team of technical disaster recovery specialists to assist FEMA in the delivery of Federal disaster assistance programs, to include FEMA Public Assistance, to the State of Texas, local communities, and eligible private non-profits.  ISC is proud to be able to help those communities in need.


ISC Conducts Point-of-Distribution/Dispensing Training

ISC was selected to deliver POD training to stakeholders, partnering organizations and volunteers of the fourth largest county in the United States.  This in-person training covers the process of mass dispensing and distribution under a State of Emergency and/or Public Health Emergency and in accordance with county-specific guidelines.

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