Odysseus™ Network:

ISC Selected for Technical EM Services in Texas

ISC was awarded a multi-year contract with San Antonio OEM to provide emergency management services. ISC will play a key role in enhancing the City of San Antonio’s overall preparedness and ability to respond and recover from a variety of incidents and assist in strategically managing preparedness, response, recovery, and pre-and post-disaster mitigation services during the term of this contract.


ISC Helps Prepare Communities in New York

ISC was chosen by Niagara County, New York to update the county’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). Niagara County faces several unique emergency management considerations including border proximity, immigration, and the tourism economy.  In addition to updating the EOP, ISC will also update three Emergency Support Functions to include Access and Functional Needs, Volunteer Management, and Donation Management.  Niagara chose to utilize Odysseus to enhance its preparedness program.


ISC Prepares UASI Strategic Plan

​ISC was selected by the City of Phoenix, Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, to evaluate the Phoenix Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), analyze the region’s capabilities, and develop a strategic plan to build capabilities where necessary and tactics to assist with the efficient direct and use UASI resources.

phoenix uasi

ISC Evaluates FEMA’s TSA & STEP Programs

Following Hurricane Irma, ISC was selected to evaluate and identify areas of improvement for two of FEMA’s post-disaster housing programs: the Temporary Sheltering Assistance (TSA) program (using hotels as shelters) and the Shelter and Temporary Emergency Power (STEP) program (short-term, low-cost repairs to make a home habitable).  Areas of improvement will be incorporated into our client’s Post-Disaster Housing Plan and tested with a tabletop and functional exercise.


ISC Prepares the Bay Area for Disaster Response & Recovery

ISC was selected to provide comprehensive emergency planning, community preparedness and recovery planning for the Bay Area UASI Region, which includes three major cities (San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose), twelve counties, and over 100 incorporated cities, a number of special districts, transportation agencies, and several airports.