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The hazard challenges that face our communities is a result of generations of social, cultural, economic, and environmental habits that have contributed to our current and growing state of vulnerabilities.

Effective emergency management must start at the grassroots level and demand the thorough integration of excellence, providing a foundation within a national framework that can address the overarching all hazard challenges and pre-disaster issues.

The growing demand of and expectations on a comprehensive program of preparedness has resulted in a recognized need for innovative solutions that address the operational and programmatic challenges faced by the modern emergency manager.

Emergency management serves under a broad framework of professional competencies, placing its functions at the very center of community development, decision-making, and resiliency.

The science and practice of emergency management provides a shared foundation to advance the profession with innovative and evidence-based solutions that work.

In today's hazard environment, purchasing supplies and equipment does not solve the complex challenges that face our communities during an emergency or following a disaster.

Integrated Solutions Consulting takes an all-hazard, integrated approach to complex crisis and consequence management projects. Our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that incorporate national best-practices enables us to provide a value-added service that will make a significant contribution to your changing needs.


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