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Integrated Solutions Consulting takes an all-hazard, integrated approach to complex crisis and consequence management projects. Our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions that incorporate national best-practices enables us to provide a value-added service that will make a significant contribution to your changing needs.

All-Hazard Mitigation Planning Services

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists clients to develop All-Hazard Mitigation Plans that identify and integrate essential mitigation strategies and actions for natural, technological, and political (terrorism) hazards.

Strategic National Stockpile (Sns) Comprehensive Emergency Planning

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists public health departments to update and expand the scope of their existing emergency planning in order to increase the level of awareness and to maintain an appropriate level of steady-state preparedness throughout their jurisdictions.

All-Hazard Public Health Comprehensive Emergency Planning Services

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists public health departments to develop, update, and expand their Public Health Comprehensive Emergency Management Program by integrating proven solutions to increase the level of preparedness and prevention by implementing an all-hazard and comprehensive operational approach to planning.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Support Services

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) provides a broad range of emergency management, comprehensive planning, and other related support services to governmental and industry clients of all sizes.

Pandemic Influenza Emergency Planning Services

Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) assists public health departments in the development and enhancement of Pandemic Influenza Plans, and provides strategic and operational measures that guide client’s management in the unfortunate event of a Pandemic Influenza event.

Miami-Dade THIRA

ISC's methodological rigor and innovative, yet reliable, technologies has set the standard for THIRA's in the State of Florida.


Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) provides nationwide professional support services in carrying out the statutory authorities of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act under the National Response Framework (NRF).


Integrated Solutions Consulting (ISC) has provided programmatic and technical support to all levels of government for the implementation of the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007, Public Law 109.295.


To develop the Regional Tactical Interoperability Communications Plan (Regional TICP), the project team, will integrate the information developed from the Communications Interoperability Plan (CIP) into two interoperable/operable plans (solutions) for a natural, technological, or political (CBRNE) hazard scenario.